Uganda’s Dairy Revolution: President Museveni Urges Farmers to Seize Global Opportunities

In a passionate appeal to dairy farmers, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has underscored the need for a strategic shift towards the production of casein and powdered milk, urging farmers to embrace this transformation for global export success.

Addressing a group of dairy farmers from Kazo and Kiruhura districts at Karo Primary School in Nshwere, Kiruhura District, President Museveni emphasized the potential for longevity and better prices in the lucrative international market by moving away from traditional liquid milk to value-added products.

“Shifting focus from liquid milk to processed products for export is crucial. This is something that you must take seriously,” stated President Museveni, recognizing Uganda’s current milk production of 5 billion liters annually and the imperative to explore international demand.

He urged farmers to process milk into powdered form, making it lighter and less expensive for transportation and exportation. The President emphasized that the global market demands products with longevity, and processing milk into powdered form aligns perfectly with this requirement.

Reflecting on past successes in the dairy industry, President Museveni commended farmers for embracing strategic changes such as zero grazing, leading to a tremendous growth in Uganda’s dairy sector. However, he acknowledged the challenge of insufficient markets for milk products, prompting the need to explore global opportunities.

“I want you to look at the bigger picture, which currently is the external market,” he emphasized, highlighting the need to meet external market requirements and the potential of casein and powdered milk for international trade.

President Museveni also stressed the importance of value addition and expressed optimism about scientists’ efforts to develop an anti-tick vaccine, which could revolutionize livestock health.

The President urged local government officials to play a vital role in sensitizing communities about environmental protection, aligning with the broader goals of sustainable and responsible dairy farming practices.

The call for dairy farmers to embrace casein and powdered milk production aligns with Uganda’s efforts to tap into global demand. In 2008, Uganda opened its markets to powdered milk production, with companies like Fresh Dairy and Pearl Dairy leading the way. However, the demand remains substantial, presenting a significant opportunity for farmers to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

To facilitate the transition, the article outlines a production process starting with milk supplies, the use of equipment, and the importance of a ready market for dairy products. It emphasizes government support for dairy farmers and highlights the potential challenges, such as price instability during the dry season and the need to address low domestic demand.

President Museveni’s call serves as a rallying cry for farmers to embrace innovation, value addition, and global market opportunities, marking a transformative chapter for the nation’s dairy sector.

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