Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Urges MPs to Monitor 93 Billion UGX Release for District Roads

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among called on members of parliament to closely monitor the release of 93 billion Ugandan shillings for district roads. She announced that this money was released to districts, cities, and municipalities across the country and it is the final payment from the Uganda Road Forum this financial year

The funds, totaling 93 billion UGX, have been allocated to improve the infrastructure and connectivity of district roads across Uganda. Each of the 135 districts, 11 cities, and 41 municipalities will receive Shs500 million.

The Speaker’s emphasis on monitoring the utilization of these funds shows the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability in public resource management.

On Wednesday, April 2024, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua the Government Chief Whip, confirmed the release,  saying this comes on the backdrop of complaints on the state of mainly feeder roads.

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among also urged the MPs to supervise the usage of these funds by going to their constituencies so that they can monitor the road funds.

This construction and maintenance of district roads will help in the promotion of economic development and improvement of accessibility in rural areas. This will be of great importance to local communities by facilitating the easier movement of goods, services, and people.

Furthermore the roads that are well-maintained play an important role in attracting investments and tourists they also create employment opportunities for the local people. The improved road infrastructure also fosters regional development and contributes to the overall socio-economic growth of the districts.

This road funding goes hand in hand with the government’s broader efforts to enhance infrastructure across the country and create an environment that’s good for business growth and community development.

By prioritizing the improvement of district, city, and municipality roads, Uganda is taking a big step toward addressing the challenges of road transport and promoting inclusive growth. This shows that the government is committed to infrastructure development.

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